COVID-19 Action Campaign

Help us get life-saving COVID-19 support to Girls


This funding will help us buy and supply essential needs like food, soap and locally made masks to our direct beneficiaries and their families totaling to 5,000 girls and their families and communities , who have been affected by the COVID-19, due to the fact that their type of work is hand to mouth earning. We also get our earned revenue from the entertainment industry, we stopped earning in February and our lock down has been temporarily extended up to May. No one is certain about tomorrow and sure when this will end.


Ghana has confirmed over 13,568 COVID-19 cases and counting. The Government announced a lock down on 15th of March for three weeks. It has now been extended indefinately, yet no one is certain of tomorrow. We finance our budget by 100% from GlobalGiving. Donations stopped coming when WHO declare the COVID-19 as a Global Pandemic. We are in a crisis of taking care of our beneficiaries, their families and our communities.Our operations which are more expensive are now shut down.


We have prioritized the welfare of our beneficiaries, their families and our communities in order to keep them safe and healthy. Donations to this fund will allow us to continue having the basic essential needs like food, soap and medicine to our beneficiaries in the mean time, as we plan for the uncertainty of tomorrow. The Long-Term Impact will be enormous, lives and livelihoods are now at risk from this pandemic as the disease is spreading very fast. We aim to reduce the spread of this disease and its negative impact on us as an organization, but most importantly to our beneficiaries and the families where they come from by providing the essential basic needs to keep their bodies healthy and in position to resist the Virus, as we prepare them for a come back after the Virus.